13416996_10157006684810788_3168585851091771307_oThanks for visiting! Want to know why I started Dirt Simple? Well, what started as a simple quest to stop using chemicals to clean my face has snowballed into a chemical-free obsession. A New Year’s resolution prompted me to start washing my face with honey. Soon after I decided I needed to find an alternative to commercial toner and moisturizers. Somewhere in there I decided it was a good idea to also make my own soap, which in turn led to a shampoo bar. Along the way I also came up with a lovely hand lotion and salve. And deodorant. And lip balm. And eczema bars!

If you have any requests please don’t hesitate to send them to me, I love to custom-make things for people. And everything I mentioned above I do have available (production time is required), just shoot me message using the Contact form or email me at info@dirtsimple.ca.

One more thing: I’m not a commercial producer. Everything is made in small batches, by hand, by me (with love). Which means nothing has been commercially tested. If you suffer from allergies or sensitive skin please contact me first.
It also means that no two things will be exactly the same so please don’t be surprised if what you order shows up looking a little different than the picture, or when you order it a second time it’s a little different than the first.
And finally, I’m not a doctor. I’ve just spent countless hours researching the internet and reading a plethora of books on the subjects. I have been using essential oils for well over a decade, so I do at least have some time and experience on my side.

I hope you like what you find here! Thanks for stopping by 😉

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